Met. Philip & St Raphael graves

Metropolitan Philip and St. Raphael's graves

Summer Camp

PREPARING FOR CAMP:  Now that you are registered for camp have you prepared?  Have you completed the online portion of the Health Form?  Have you downloaded the one page Doctor's form and arranged for your doctor to complete it?  Have you completed the travel information so that we know how you are traveling to camp?  Have you downloaded the Camp Parent Handbook and read it?  Have you paid your balance?  If you answere no to any of these questions, don't waste another minute.  We encourage you to meet all the deadlines listed in the Camper Parent Handbook so that we may properly prepare for your arrival.  If you answered no to one of the questions, please click on the appropriate link below to remedy that:

1. Online Health Form - log in to your account
must be completed one month prior to arrival

2.  Doctor's Form
due two weeks prior to arrival

3.  Travel Information - log in to your account
due two weeks prior to arrival

4.  Camper Parent Handbook
a must read immediately

5.  Pay Your Balance - log in to your account
due now

HEALTH FORM:  Caring for our campers and staff's safety and well-being is of utmost importance at our camp.  In order to provide the best care, we must have our campers' medical history information on file.  This can be done by parents and/or guardians online by logging into your account and clicking on the "Health Form Required" link under your camper's name.  In addition, you will need to download and have your Doctor complete the one page health examination form which may be downloaded by clicking here.

Parent Resources

We have added a new page to offer parents some resources that relate to camp and also for general parenting. We welcome suggestions of other material that may prove to be helpful to other parents. Visit our Resources for Parents webpage.

Facebook Fan

Join the Antiochian Village Community by becoming a Fan on our AV Facebook page. Our plans are to have this online interactive community to keep everyone up to date with happenings and information regarding life at the Antiochian Village. If you have suggestions for our online presence, feel free to contact us.